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Our products

  • Puzzle Lights

    A relaxing puzzle game! Sit down with a cup of tea and leave the days problems behind as you wrap your head around various puzzles, ranging from easy to the near-impossible, all to a soothing, relaxing soundtrack and calming visuals!

    The Blitz

    1920 and the city is in sight. Drop your bombs to level the city and then move onto the next.

    Dawn of the Ronin

    In 1598 the ruler of Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi died and left power to a Council of Five. Amongst these Five was the powerful and ambitious Tokugawa Ieyasu. Several years later Tokugawa made his move and took control of Japan himself.

    After establishing his new capital at Edo, only the Toyotomi led by Hideyoshi’s son, Toyotomi Hideyori, remained as an obstacle to that goal. Dawn of the Ronin places you in control of an unnamed Ronin warrior right in the heart of 16th Century Japan.

Our philosophies

Change for Better

By practicing the Japanese business philosophy of Kaizen, we aim to continuously improve our tools and methods to enable us to create games as efficiently as possible, saving both time and money.

No compromises

We aim to ensure our products are of high quality, and will never compromise this in order to meet deadlines or timescales. Our products will only be released once we ourselves believe they are ready, never before.

Humble & Passionate

From starting off as hobbyists, we have poured our heart and souls into our products. And we will always continue to do so.