Dawn of the Ronin

Release data: TBA
Platforms: Windows, Switch
Players: 1

In 1598 the ruler of Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi died and left power to a Council of Five. Amongst these Five was the powerful and ambitious Tokugawa Ieyasu. Several years later Tokugawa made his move and took control of Japan himself. After establishing his new capital at Edo, only the Toyotomi led by Hideyoshi’s son, Toyotomi Hideyori, remained as an obstacle to that goal.

Dawn of the Ronin places you in control of an unnamed Ronin warrior right in the heart of 16th Century Japan. Your only companion cut down by Tokugawa's soldiers, you become one of the thousands of warriors that Toyotomi calls to defend Osaka, and to stand against the Tokugawa regime.

  • Unlock new sword stances and moves as you progress, giving you greater flexibility in combat
  • Choose between a male or female warrior to protect your homeland, each with individual fighting styles and animations
  • Utilise blocks, dodging and throwing attacks to defeat your opponents
  • Experience the true beauty of the orient with highly stylised visuals and authentic soundtrack
  • Witness history like never before, where fact and myth seamlessly intertwine in an engaging adventure across Japan
  • Fight alongside legendary Samurai warriors in vicious and bloody skirmishes, with tasteful gore and dismemberment