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Rising Sun Studios is a small independent studio with a focus on great design at it's heart. Inspired by recent visual trends, we aim to create an alluring experience for our end-users with professional, functional and exceptionally high-quality products without compromise or cost.



Formed in 2012, Rising Sun Studios began as a single developer whom created games focusing on distinctive art styles and beautiful visuals for the Xbox 360 Indie Development program.

More About Us

Since then Rising Sun Studios has branched to other platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile while broadening it's portfolio to include mobile & desktop applications alongside video games.

Change For Better

We aim to continuously improve our tools and methods to enable us to create games as efficiently & cheaply and as possible.

No Compromises

We aim to ensure our products are of high quality, and will never compromise this in order to meet deadlines or timescales. Our products will only be released once we ourselves believe they are ready, never before.

Always Passionate

We pour our heart and souls into our products and we will always continue to do so.

Making software is what we live for.

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James Watton