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Development of Dawn of the Ronin is well under way and progress is made every day towards a polished and complete product.

One way we're making this happen is by integrating with Artidy:Draft 3 by Nevigo. This great piece of software allows us to design a lot of our content in a slick interface. Keeping the game logic separate is a great way to build a game, and we can easily publish new packages directly from Articy:Draft and our engine will pick them up as new adventures or content.

Articy:Draft 3

Using this software we can control the flow of the story, directing the player through a chain of encounters with branching paths, unlockable side-quests or time-limited missions. Dialogue is also input into Articy:Draft which can be previewed within the software before export, and all character and enemies are also created and configured within the software and linked to their Spine animation sets.

Overall we're very pleased with Articy:Draft and the support is excellent. We're looking forward to showing what it is capable of when Dawn of the Ronin releases!

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