Open and Auto-Rotate Multiple Chrome Kiosk Tabs on a Specific or Multiple Monitors at Start Up

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I’m always looking for ways to utilise spare monitors and was unable to find a solution that satisfied the following criteria:

  • Automatically open multiple windows with multiple tabs on startup
  • Auto rotate through the tabs
  • Specify a monitor for each chrome window to open on
  • Open the window fullscreen and in kiosk mode

There are solutions out there already that will open multiple chrome windows on specific monitors, but none that include the auto-rotation of tabs, so I took the great tutorial from Oleksandr Tomin and tweaked it slightly to be able to open multiple tabs, and have them auto-rotate using the Revolver Chrome Extension.



By following the tutorial here you’ll want to download, extract and run the Powershell files, remembering to Unblock the Tomin.Tools.KioskMode.Dll. Once you have those opening one or more Chrome windows we can begin to edit them to suit our needs.


Loading multiple Chrome tabs

For this first step, open Ciklum-Kiosk.ps1 in any text editor and define two variables which will store the website URL’s you want a tab for.

You’ll need to define a variable for each Chrome window you want to open.


Make sure to use the new variables in the lines below, where it is calling a function named ‘Chrome-Kiosk’ with the specified URLs and Monitor numbers.

Saving and running the script will now produce windows with the defined tabs open.

Rotating through the open tabs

There are many Chrome extensions that will rotate through open tabs on a timer, but the missing piece of this puzzle is enabling the extension only for the windows created using this powershell script. There doesn’t appear to be any command line flags we can use, so as a solution we can set up a keyboard shortcut to enable the extension and have the script send those keys to Chrome.

Begin by installing the Revolver extension, or your own choice of extension. Dashboard

Second, we’ll configure Revolver so that it is available in Incognito mode, and can be enabled via keyboard shortcuts. Navigate to the Chrome Extensions settings page Dashboard

Ensure the checkbox “Allow in incognito” is selected Dashboard

At the bottom of the page is a link “Keyboard Shortcuts”. Selecting that will open a box where we can define the keys to enable the Revolver plugin.

I opted for Ctrl + Shift + R Dashboard

Finally, we can edit the Powershell script to send this key command.

Open the file “HelperFunctions.ps1” in your text editor and find the following function: Dashboard

After it has sent the “{F11}” key to enter fullscreen, we can tell it to enable to Revolver extension.

Add the following line on the next line:

$Helpers::SendKey($window, '^+R')

The code “^+R” is telling to send Ctrl (^), Shift (+) and ‘R’.

The following MSDN document details all the relevant keys and codes used with this function. ps

Simply save the Powershell script and give it a run! Don’t forget, if you want to edit the timings of the page, you can do so through the Extensions settings page or the Revolver icon. ps


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