EX-CELESTIUMA cyberpunk space-opera


Nintendo Switch


Role-Playing Game


Release Date



The future is upon us! Corporations have expanded out into the solar system like a virus. Join them, or destroy them. Get what you deserve.

EX-CELESTIUM is set within a cyberpunk universe envisioned by William Gibson. High-tech low-life hackers known as Operators take on contracts for giant corporations. Remote pilot vessels through space to steal data from a secure facility near Saturn's rings, or scavenge for minerals on the surface of a passing asteroid. Claim your place in the universe.


  • Stylised combat with a hands-off approach. Plan your vectors, live with your decisions

  • A large cast of varied and colourful characters to interact with

  • Customize your remote fleet with a myriad of components and modules

  • Hack, fight and negotiate your way to success