Arkham Horror LCG DeckbuilderA Deckbuilder app for Arkham Horror LCG



Release Date

February 2019

Available here


A fully-loaded app containing a deckbuilder and investigator tracker for Arkham Horror LCG. Build your deck, track your investigators progress and update your decklist in an instant with this offline app!

Never worry about shuffling your cards back into your box again!


  • Complete with OFFLINE support for decks, cards and card images

  • Import decks directly from your ArkhamDB account

  • Track your investigators health, sanity and xp points throughout campaigns

  • Build your decks quickly and easily with an array of filters and searches

  • Use all the latest cards and investigators, as soon as they appear on ArkhamDB!


Really good app very easy to use and perfect when you want to build a new deck without needing to get your collection or the computer out

Guillaume Renaud Google Play Store